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Yoga is a Sanskrit word which literally means connection or link just as its antonym viyoga means separation. It implies the existence of two separate entities. In the spiritual sense, yoga is basically a soul-God linkage. It connotes the establishment of a spiritual and mental link between the soul and the Almighty Supreme Soul so as to regroup the light and might lost by the soul as a result of vicious and wrongful actions performed by it. Such a link or connection can be established through love-born mental remembrance of God in a state of soul consciousness.
The Origin of Yoga
Yoga is a godly gift for mankind. The practice of Yoga requires true knowledge of the soul, the Supreme Soul and the world drama which can be revealed by none else but God Himself. Hence, God alone is known as Gyaneshwara and Yogeshwara which means that He is the only source of Godly knowledge and yoga. Traditionally, Shiva is known to be the Lord of Yogis. A scattered mention of yoga is found in many ancient scriptures of India. In course of time, the term yoga began to be used for certain physical postures called Asanas practices like breath-control called Pranayam, various observances (Niyamas) and disciplines like withdrawal and restraint from evils, mental exercises like thought-control, contemplation, Samadhi (absorption) and so on.
Attainment through Rajyoga Meditation
The achievement through Rajyoga meditation is of highest spiritual excellence because it flows from a combination of self-effort and God Shiva’s might. Its practice divinizes a man and brings about a complete transformation in his personality. It fills the yogi with super sensuous joy or bliss which is the highest and most ennobling experience. This bliss easily sublimates and elevates his mind, raises him above carnal and sensual pleasures, moulds his bad habits and erases his vicious sanskaras. It also enables him to experience deep peace and relaxation by detaching himself from the surroundings, situations and environmental control. This makes the yogi calm, composed and silence-loving.
Basis of Rajyoga Meditation
Man has forgotten all about the soul and his entire outlook towards life is governed by body consciousness. Even his prayers are motivated by a desire for things giving bodily satisfaction. Such a person can become anything but a Rajyogi for, soul consciousness is the first step in the practice of Rajyoga. Just as the insulating sheath of an electrical wire has to be removed before it can be connected to the electrical power supply line, in the same way, body-consciousness has to be abandoned before the soul can commune with God Shiva, the Supreme source of light and might.
God consciousness
God is the eternal source of all powers, divine virtues, light and might needed by the soul for self-purification. The inflow of these qualities from God to the soul takes place only when the latter establishes a spiritual connection with the former through God-consciousness. Rajyoga is the attainment of God-consciousness in a state of soul-consciousness. A Rajyogi establishes a child-and-father relationship with God by remembering, “I am an immortal child of my most beloved Father, the Supreme Soul”. Dwelling on the attributes of God who is the ocean of knowledge, peace and the bestower of mukti and jeewanmukti, his mind, in course of time, gets immersed in the state of deep meditation. The mind then starts experiencing the ecstasy of the true heritage of the Supreme Father in the form of supreme peace, bliss and happiness.
Detachment or withdrawal
A Rajyogi withdraws from all superfluous and avoidable worldly activities and focuses on accumulating imperishable treasures of divine virtues in the soul. Such withdrawal by him does not mean renunciation of karma. A Rajyogi is a karmayogi but he takes care to abstain from vicious karma and performs noble deeds or sukarma to build divine sanskars. He spends minimum time on his comforts and devotes maximum energy for the noblest service of bringing about a spiritual awakening in the fellow-beings.