National Training Program of Art and Culture Division

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Noble feelings and ideologies are the basis of human civilization. We connect with people through art and culture. This is the formula of social unity. The above views were expressed by Sandeep Marwah, Founder-President of Asian Academy of Film and Television and Noida Film City. He said this in a program organized at Om Shanti Retreat Center of Brahma Kumaris. Speaking as the chief guest at the inaugural session of the National Training Program of the Art and Culture Division, he said that feelings of love, peace and goodwill are necessary in art and culture. This can be possible only through spiritual empowerment.

Sandeep Marwah said that Brahma Kumaris organization is contributing 100 percent in the revival of Indian culture. He said that together with Brahma Kumaris we can present art and culture in an ideal form. If we adopt every thought from today’s thought calendar of Brahma Kumaris in our life for 365 days, then life will become meaningful.

Rajyogini BK Chandrika Didi, President of the Art and Culture Division of the organization, said that the best culture is created only by the best values. There was a time when Indian culture was at the peak of its divinity. Brahma Kumaris organization is working to establish those values. Art and culture can play an important role in improving the direction and condition of the society.

ORC Director Rajyogini Asha Didi said in her address that children can play a big role in art and culture. If art and culture are promoted in their life on the basis of best values, then the coming generation will become cultured. He said that art should reflect our divine culture. Indian culture is the culture of Gods and Goddesses. We have to revive that culture.

In the program, Vice President of Art and Culture Division BK Dayal, National Convenor of the division BK Poonam and Headquarter Mount Abu Convenor of the organization BK Satish also expressed their good wishes. BK Indra gave a deep feeling of peace through the practice of Rajyoga. BK Rachna conducted the stage management. More than 250 members of the organization from across the country participated in the program.