How Powers Turn Into Virtues

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Each one to receive the fruits of his effort. A seed is planted in the anticipation of the fruits it would produce.

The unassuming tiny seed has the potential to develop into a full grown tree. When sowed in the soil and given the right combination of water and sunlight, this seemingly insignificant seed germinates into a sapling. Gradually roots are developed and the young sapling grows into a plant. Eventually it grows into a big tree. The trees take nourishment from the soil, uses the sunlight and water, and transform these to a variety of colors, textures, shapes, sizes, smells and tastes in the form of fruits. When the time of fruition comes, these sweet, juicy, colourful fruits appear. The fruits make the tree attractive and are filled with rich nutrients.  The fruits are rich in nutrients and can be said to contain the strength of the tree. 

The seed has the DNA of the entire tree. Similarly, the soul is the seed which has the DNA of the many births. God, the Supreme Father of all souls provides nourishment to the soul, the seed, in the form of powers. This period is the Confluence Age , which is the fag end of the world drama cycle and the beginning of the new cycle , when the souls are depleted of their power. The Supreme Soul descends from his abode, Paramdham into the physical world to provide the strength to the souls. The nourishment which the seed, soul receives in the form of powers is visible in the form of divine virtues. This is why the human beings in the beginning of the world cycle, are known as deities.

God gives the soul the power of knowledge, that the knowledge of how the world cycle turns, from the Golden , Silver, Copper and Iron ages. He also gives His own introduction and awaken the souls from the slumber of body consciousness, to their real identities. The soul by the end of the Iron Age, gets loaded with the impurities of anger, ego, lust, greed and attachment due to body consciousness. The Almighty is ever pure and He showers the souls with power of purity. The awareness of the self as the pure soul, the child of the Supreme, helps to get rid of the vices. The power of tolerance that is to remain uninfluenced by what is going around you or within you. When the soul acts with detached involvement in this world drama , his power to remain tolerant increases.  The power to discern is the ability to know the subtle, to pick the truth from falsehood. This power is increased through the inner clarity of mind.

In order to gain the spiritual powers at the confluence period, God gives direction to the souls to be holy and be yogi. The powers thus received are visible in the form of the virtues in the Golden Age. The deities are at peace with themselves and everything around them. There is happiness, love and bliss.. This is why the deities are depicted with a cheerful faces. Love and harmony flows even in nature which is symbolized by lion and cow drinking together from the banks of the same river.

Just as the nourishment from the tree can be tasted in the form of fruits, much the same way, the nourishment of spiritual powers can be experienced in the form of divine virtues. The virtues are experienced to the extent the soul pulls the power from the Supreme Soul, by remembering Him and following His directions at the confluence age.