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We are all conscious nowadays about how we keep our body fit and what we eat in a day, so a number of health foods and fads have made it to our lifestyle. But is that all we need to be healthy? What about us, the actual ‘me’ – the sentient being that runs the instrument of our body and works through it? How can we keep the self well-nourished? 

Let us begin by understanding where we souls derive our nourishment from, and what is really ‘soul food’. Just like what we plant in our kitchen garden, pluck, prepare and eat becomes our meal, which gets digested in our body to give it physical energy, similarly what we sow and water in the field of our mind – the thoughts we choose to create and churn – are absorbed within and form our spiritual energy.

What we souls create is what we consume, and that goes on to determine what we do and who we become. The quality and quantity of our thoughts shape our experiences and wellbeing. They determine our strength to make things happen, and the direction our life takes.

We are always advised to eat a balanced diet and drink ample liquids so our body gets its nutrients. The idea is to re-fill the body with the elements it is already made up of. Similarly, for the upkeep of our spiritual health, we must constantly nurture thoughts that replenish our essential constituents of love, happiness, peace, purity and power. When we take a step further, and translate these thoughts into words and deeds, a greater exchange of pure and positive energy with others is initiated, giving life and health to all.

What foods should we keep away from? To know that, let us observe our mind and look at how we respond to people and situations. If negative thoughts, such as anger, impatience, irritation, greed, fear, lethargy, confusion and hopelessness, dominate our mind space, we are on an unhealthy diet. Worst are toxic thoughts that revolve around feelings like jealousy, hatred and revenge. They trap us into a cycle of violence against the self and others in return for guilty pleasures.

We must also avoid junk or waste thoughts that dwell on things that are unnecessary or those that can’t be changed. Just like sugary, fried and fatty foods make us obese and clog our arteries, waste thoughts burden us souls with unwanted stuff, impairing our abilities, clouding our judgment and depleting our will power.

Our biggest take away from here is that it is important to consciously intervene in our mental space from time to time and steer it in the right direction by creating thoughts conducive to our wellbeing, and weeding out those that cause harm.

A thought has a tendency to invite similar thoughts and create patterns that predispose us to think and act in a similar way. So, each thought counts and must be chosen wisely. If we remain unaware of our inner world, negative patterns could take us over, drain us and land us in the soup. So let’s keep our energy going.

Talking of energy, are there any all-in-one superfoods that we souls could munch on to recharge ourselves? Yes, they are powerful and determined thoughts that we create from a ‘point of spiritual advantage’. By virtue of who we truly are – immortal souls and children of the Almighty Authority of this Universe – we are naturally full, fearless and at the same time benevolent. When we plug ourselves into this higher consciousness, we act with great belief and take right and courageous decisions.

As we become regular creators and consumers of such powerful thoughts, our spiritual fitness enhances. We become capable of achieving worthy goals, and of touching lives at an altogether different level. As we continue to do so, we end up surpassing our expectation of ourselves.