Fear Is An Illusion!

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Fear is definitely an illusion – It is not real. It is generated through our thoughts and manifests in our feelings.
Our thoughts create a story in the mind which then generates fear. Even though the story has not yet unfolded – and may never do so, we create and experience that fear by just thinking about it. There may be a very real possibility of danger in our story, but fear is a choice.
We can either live our dreams or live our fears. For many of us we find our living is based on a foundation of fears!!
Our fears are essentially the anxiety of how to deal with the unknown – loosing face, being wrong, failure. Getting clarity on the root cause of fear will help diffuse the ticking anxiety bombs and release our creative power.
When there is darkness there can be a lot of fear. To eliminate fear we need to bring light – the light of awareness, of understanding and enlightenment. 
Let us make a choice to bring light into our fear.