Super-Sensuous Bliss

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People in the world today consider worldly happiness as bliss. One of the understood meanings of bliss is perfect happiness.  Happiness experienced through the sense organs is neither perfect nor constant. There is a difference between happiness and super-sensuous bliss. Bliss is beyond perception of all material senses. 

Super sensuous bliss is not physical. In order to experience it, one is not dependent on any of the physical sense organs. The sense of sight, smell, sound, taste and touch are not a requisite for super-sensuous bliss.

Bliss or ‘anand’ is in fact the inherent quality of the soul. Atma or the soul is ‘anand swarup’. This super sensuous bliss is experienced through the mind. Mind or ‘mann’ is not part of our physical bodies but it is part of the meta-physical entity controlling the body, the soul. Ideas and thoughts of all kinds are generated in the mind itself.

In order to experience super sensuous bliss, no outside stimulus is needed. Everything else is dependent on an outside input or stimulant. The sense organs such as the eyes, mouth, ears, nose and skin perceive a material thing or an object. The eyes would need a good sight to see. A beautiful sound can be heard through the ears. The tongue tastes the palatable dishes.

As time progresses, the physical sense organs are bound to deteriorate since all that is material is subject to wear and tear. The physical body is temporary in nature and is undergoing constant change.  No matter how much we try to preserve our bodies in its youthful stage, yet we can only delay the process of aging and deterioration, but cannot halt it. It is commonly observed that as the sense organs deteriorate or weaken, it becomes difficult to satiate the needs. This results in the increase of the desires, which always remain unfulfilled.  Desserts and sweets appeal a lot to the diabetes patient, who knows that consuming the same is detrimental to his health.  If the eye sight becomes weak, then no matter how much beautiful a scene may be, it cannot be enjoyed. If the eye sight is complete lost then though a person is literate, he wouldn’t be able to read or watch television.  A weak set of ears cannot enjoy the most melodious music.

Secondly the physical senses have limited capacity. For instance if a person is fond of watching television, he would sit and watch for hours. However, after some time the eyes would become tired, demanding rest.  After consuming a dozen samosas or gulab-jamuns, you would not want go for more. The gratification received from the material objects decreases as their quantity increases. The first piece of sweet seems tastier than the tenth.

We are well aware of catering to the needs of our sense organs. However, not much is known about experiencing super-sensuous bliss. Whatever little is known is also marred by confusion and ambiguity. Super sensuous bliss is connected with the soul. There exists no antonym for ‘anand swarup’ or bliss.

The way to experience the super sensuous bliss is through the self realisation. The basic question of ‘who am I’ needs to be resolved. The realisation of our true spiritual identity, as the soul, helps us remember our qualities.  The soul is blissful always. Another method to remain blissful is to receive countless blessings. Selfless gestures and good feelings of the heart helps one to experience this bliss.A third way could be by keeping a balance in life and by doing the right things at the right time. We then move along life while being the master.

Bliss or super sensuous joy enables a person to break the chains of habits, addictions and vices. It is such a gratifying experience that no impure thoughts or resolves can dare pull the mind.