Happy New Beginning

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The New Year’s Eve and the celebrations in the run up to it are perhaps the most widely-celebrated ‘festival’ the world over. It resonates with everyone not just as an occasion for get-togethers and merry-making but because it marks the departure of the old and arrival of the fresh. It is the hope for change and wish for betterment that make this transition special. 

There are many dreams we all nurture as a global family for 2021, such as being free from the clutches of the pandemic, achieving harmony and justice, and the list goes on. But here, in this conversation, we zoom in to our personal space and figure out how we could effectively changeover by winding up the past unwanted chapters in our life and beginning new positive ones.

Winding up the past requires us to make peace with it. It means to re-store our memories in a tidy way, such that there are no unresolved or pending questions hanging out.

Let us say there was an episode in this past year where you were treated unfairly by a person you held in great respect, and the emotional hurt then created still lingers on. To let go, revisit that memory in a non-judgmental way when your mind is in a relatively silent and powerful state. Keeping the whirlpool of emotions aside, try to see the same episode from a different perspective – a point of view of greater spiritual wisdom. Remember that our purpose here is to observe with detachment and carefully intervene in order to initiate healing, not to overthink the past.

When an uncomfortable scene happens in our life, it usually exposes parts of our being that need correction or some tightening. Apart from the apparent difficulties it poses, the scene may also bring along a crucial life lesson, give us a new direction, or contribute to our life in some subtle way. Try drawing that main message or meaning from the past scene you are revisiting, try spotting the silver lining.

Doing so successfully and with full belief will re-store the past episode inside you in a new light. The memory will then stop interfering in your journey as its emotional charge would have changed. Having said that, all maladies don’t have the same prescription, and many times putting a determined full stop to a lengthy episode is the best solution to avoid wastage of time and energy.

Another way to wind up the year beautifully is to be grateful for the good we have received on our way and to acknowledge the givers. Instead of treating others’ kindness as a given, let’s take time out to value it in our hearts.

The second part of making a meaningful transition to the New Year is to open new positive chapters in our life. We can do so by introducing creative and fruitful ways of thinking and behaving that are supportive of our progress, and by valuing our time.

New Year resolutions are not known to last long. But this time round, let’s change this trend by being very specific about the newness we want to create within. For this, we will need clarity on what we want, why we want it, and why we want it ‘now’. So let’s do some soul searching.

Look at your life trajectory and spot that one thing that has consistently kept you from achieving your spiritual shine or fulfilling your dreams. It could be something big like an addiction or a ‘seemingly’ lesser vice like lethargy or under-confidence. Analyse deeper to find out what belief, need, desire or corruption within your being compels you to harbor this particular flaw within despite it being so detrimental to your wellbeing. By thinking in this manner you will be able to unearth the ‘root cause’ of the problem, a cause that may have not even struck you before, and address the issue where it is needed.

Now for the specific solution, the ‘New Year resolution’: Using spiritual wisdom, initiate a new thought, belief or action that will work on the ‘root cause’ as an antidote, a healing remedy. Build and sustain this newness practically with daily morning reminders and evening checks. Over time, you will be able to consciously create a new positive pattern or habit, which will uproot the flaw and give way to a refined and resourceful version of you.

These are a few self-help tips for making an internal shift. As you spend quiet time with yourself, you will come up with many more magic mantras that can spin things around for you. So, let this New Year not just be another change in the calendar. Let us ring it in with full spirit by accompanying the transition of time with self-transformation.

Wishing you a Happy New Beginning !!!