Holistic Health and Happiness through Stress Free Living

Programme for working professionals  by Dr. Girish Patel.

You will need to reach ORC latest by 14th September 2012 evening 4:00 p.m. and plan your departure after 6:00 p.m. on 16th September 2012.

  • Event Starts on - 14th Sep, 2012
  • Event Ends on - 16th Sep, 2012
  • Venue - Om Shanti Retreat Centre, Off NH-8, Pataudi Road, Bhora Kalan.
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Become the image of generosity. Have a generous heart and a generous mind. The language of one with a generous heart is ‘You first’. Generosity means the generosity of enabling all souls to progress.

- Brahma Kumaris

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Divya Guno ka Guldasta

Divya Guno ka Guldasta
Conventional strategies to fight with sorrow and sufferings are moral inferences, behind our vast legacy from traditional religion, social norms, governing policies, customs, legends, story and maxims. But on contrary we find that disparity, dissatisfaction and sadness are invading...