"Leading the Self " - A dialogue for CXOs
Tuesday, 27 February 2018 - 8:30am to 1:00pm

A true leader leads by example. To be called a leader, your must inspire your team through your actions and words to believe in a common vision. The mark of a true leader is the ability to encourage the employee commitment and engagement that is the foundation for continued success.

This becomes natural through leading the self. We invite CXOs  - CEOs, CMDs, CVOs, CFOs, MDs, Directors  of all industries for a dialogue on “Leading the Self”. The resource person for the dialogue would be Ken O’ Donnell - Author, International Strategy Consultant, Director of Brahma Kumaris in South America.


About Ken O’Donnell -

Ken O’Donnell is a dynamic,stimulating speaker and widely experienced consultant. His strong point is questioning common assumptions in the business and personal development contextsespecially in complex situations. He approaches common challenges from a more human perspective.

He has an immense enthusiasm to help improve inter-personal relationships on any level. Using an empathetic and sensitive approach, he helps individuals, teams, public figures, and executives to work more effectively in a world that has been described as one of permanent uncertainty. 

He is fluent in three languages– English, Spanish, and Portuguese. Having livedand worked extensively on five continents has given him the skill to help and motivate others from his practical knowledge of this cross-cultural experience. This reinforces leaders and builds trust, productivity and communication at all levels.


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